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Making The Right Decision - Choosing A Tree Care Company
Choosing the right tree care service company is not that simple, but we can help you make a wise decision. There are varieties of tree companies, which make the choice even more confusing. Here is a checklist to help you choose the best tree care service company for your needs.

1. Does the tree care company have trained and well educated staff, that are qualiied in the horticultural area and are not just salesman?

2. Does the tree service use ECOLOGICAL SAFE PRODUCTS and are they knowledgeable about the tree health and the science behind it?

3. Is the tree care company FULLY INSURED against all types of damage and injury while on your property?

4. Does the tree care company have a GUARANTEE for its product?

5. Is the tree service company able to respond to its customers in any case of EMERGENCY?

Everyone at JimBob's work with HONESTY and GUARANTEE your satisfaction.

Call us today for a complimentary consultation from James Thain (certified horticulturalist) for all tree and shrub care services from JimBob's Nursery & Garden Center